I wanna be the De-Virgin-ator…

It’s like the terminator… except with awesome tits. So…. little Marco Polo, Monica & my’s favorite chaste writer boy, is officially one of our favorite callers. And, ha ha ha… since Monica and I have different class schedules this semester, I’ve gotten to keep little Marco Polo all to myself!

I’m telling you…. totally gonna corrupt the fella…


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Twitter… yay or nay?

Ok… so I was thinking about joining Twitter & offering that to my callers. Either email or comment on here and let me know if you guys think it would be a good idea… or a total waste of time.


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Panties, the Circus, and Boys…

Ok, so I’ve been remiss in keeping up with my blog lately. But we had spring break, and class, and a gazillion sorority functions to deal with and so I’ve been a busy busy girl. BUT… I lightened my load (my schoolwork was kinda taking a backseat to everything else, so I had to make being home a bit more of a priority). So less partying, more school. And the upside to that, is that when I’m home studying, I usually turn my Niteflirt on, so that I can get a “get-off-break” from my homework. 🙂

Ok, so Panties. Here’s the thing…. they’re hot, but I think I’m giving em up. For good. A few missed laundry days made me go “commando”, and I realize that I like skirts with no panties. So I’m auctioning em off to the highest bidders. Here’s a general picture for now…. but I’m gonna put up a posting with individual pictures of em so that you can choose. 🙂 Email me on niteflirt to let me know which you want.

Panty Drawer

Panty Drawer

Also…. we went to the circus!! Yay! Super fun & now I want to learn how to do the trapeze stuff.

AND… my boyfriend and I broke up, so now I’m one giant ball of sexual energy. Which is the other reason that I’ll now be on niteflirt more often. Until I decide on the new boy to… take care of me… I’ll be doing it myself. And what’s fun by myself is ALWAYS more fun with someone else joining in…. even if it’s just on the phone. 🙂

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We’re busy little bitches….

Ok, so I’m guessing by the fuckin non-stop emails on Niteflirt, that Monica & I have been missed, lol. So here’s our official apology for disappearing on you guys. We got SUPER busy with the start of the semester and stuff, so between school, our sorority activities, and just regular life, we haven’t had loads of time to be on NF lately. BUT, we’re back and hornier than ever! We can’t WAIT to talk to our old faithful fellas, as well as meeting some newbies. We’ll talk to you guys soon!!!

Mia & Mon


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This is why Monica needs a hobby.


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I Heart FedEx

Dearest Ivan…
Nothing gets me hotter then a man in purple shorts. Now bring me your package and deliver it. You can just shove your package into my slot, you hot delivery fuckstud.


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I can’t wait to cheat on my husband Vince Vaughn with you and your big babys-arm-holding-an-apple cock.

You’re so manly… so strapping… so dreamy. SUCH a dreamboat. We don’t even mind that you’ve slept with two whores. Monica and I are gonna throw you down and take you, studmuffin.


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Dearest Ivan-Wivan-Baby-Waby….
You are the bees fucking knees. We think you’re a dreamboat. A regular James freakin Dean.


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We’re Baaaaaack…

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Happy Inauguration Day!!!

A few things:

Ok, so my blog has taken a bizarre turn lately, and I’d like to apologize to my faithful visitors. All ugliness is over and done with as I’ve realized that there are WAY too many fun, important, and gratifying things to be focused on rather than to be sidetracked by a lame internet pissing match. Which is why my comments are completely and totally turned off now. It’s no disrespect towards any of you, it’s simply too much of a distraction and seems unnecessary, as those of you who know and love me just call me. I rather hear your thoughts with a voice attached anyway, lol.

Also, some of you may have noticed that my listings are down off of Niteflirt right now. This is because I’ve never been one to follow directions, lol, and apparently you’re not allowed to have links to outside sites on your pages. Without really thinking, I had a silly linked music thing on that played Marvin Gaye, (because he’s the shit, ya know), and apparently that’s a no no. And while I’m CERTAIN that no one would EVER have ratted me out, lmao, all has been fixed and NF assured me that we’ll be back in no time. So keeping that in mind, you can still call us… you just have to use the phone and our extension instead of doing it through the website. Sucky, yes, but ya can’t keep a good woman down! 🙂

One last bit of business…. there seems to be a bit of confusion about the author of this blog. It is me, Mia, and only me. Monica, while I love her, never ever writes or moderates this, so contacting her directly (or on our niteflirt email) is always the best way to reach her. Last I checked, Pony Express wasn’t tattooed on my ass, and while I’m happy to pass along the odd message here and there, she really isn’t affiliated with this blog other then to have our goofy shenanigans talked about on here, lol.

AND now, most importantly!!! While we didn’t go to the inauguration because it was just TOO crowded, Mon and I were both obviously so totally happy today. I’m so proud of our country and so completely and totally hopeful for what’s to come over the next few years. I can’t wait to see what President Obama does with the nation and I have nothing but complete confidence in him. Hell… things can only improve, right?

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