Faucets = Love (?!?!?!?)

March 16, 2010 hornsandahalo

So tonight I was watching the show Intervention on A&E and thanking Jesus that I have no addictions… drug… alcohol… hitting myself in the face with a hairbrush… you know, the usual…

Anywho, I digress… so I was watching tv and a commercial came on for Kohler faucets, in which all these hot dudes are proposing marriage to this really pretty girl and she finally says “yes” to this dumpy bald dude because he’s got a nice kitchen faucet.

Sooooooooo here’s my thoughts: Yes, it was a rad faucet… all foldy and cool, but short of it being crusted in diamonds and holding the keys to my new Jag in the garage… no kitchen feature would convince me to commit for life, or at least until I found a good attorney who could get around a prenup….


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