Back From The Beach!

August 20, 2009 hornsandahalo


Bikini Photoshoot At The Hotel

Bikini Photoshoot At The Hotel



Ok, so Monica and I are back from our fabulous vacation. We got back Sunday and probably should have thought our schedule through a bit more, as classes started Monday, lol. But we made it to our first class, so.., ya know, that’s good. I admit to being pretty beat, but it’s possible that that has less to do with our schedule now, as it has to do with our vacation.

We definitely partied our little asses off (quite literally, lol, I came hope 3lbs lighter!). We pretty much drank & danced our way through Punta Cana. So that was rad… we paid for very little once we were there, because people just kept buying us stuff!

And the best part is there was no shortage of hot guys there. My favorite was the 2 guys who paid for us to get massages as long as they could watch. Lol, I think it made our masseuses feel a little weird, but fuck…. free massages? and they just wanted to watch? Hell yeah. And, ok…. we DID pay the guys back, but not with money. 😉

My favorite part about vacations is Vacation Rules. You get to do things that you never would do otherwise, and chalk it up to being on vaca. It’s awesome!

All in all, two weeks of never being out of bikinis, getting super tan, I got my picture taken with a MONKEY (lol, really! It was so fuzzy and cute… and kinda terrifying, lol). Definitely the best end to summer we’ve EVER had. 🙂


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