Vodka & Judy Garland… it just seems so RIGHT.

July 19, 2009 hornsandahalo

Ok, so I admit to being a pretty chronic party girl. I love love love clubs & house parties. There’s always some sort of good trouble to get into there and awesome people to meet. BUT…. every once in a while I need a night in all to myself. The kinda night where I can lay around with no make-up and a pony tail and eat my weight in Ben & Jerry’s (Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream…. yummmmmm).

Well good people, tonight is that night.

However along with my threesome of me, ben, & jerry…. I’ve decided to make it an all out orgy. Vodka & Judy Garland have been added to the mix. My love of over the top musicals is well known… but tonight hit a new high point (or low point, depending whether or not you were within ear shot). That’s right…. I’m writing to you after I brought down the house whilst accompanying Judy in her rendition of The Man That Got Away during “A Star Is Born”. Now…. when I say that I “brought down the house”… what that actually entails is me standing on a large ottoman in my living room in just a t-shirt & thong, singing into the remote control along with the DVD. This was done until one of my neighbors started pounding on a wall. I can only assume that that meant that she wanted me to turn up the volume. I obliged. 🙂

They’re gonna throw a freakin parade when we leave the building. lol



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