About last night…

May 22, 2009 hornsandahalo

See, I type the phrase “about last night” and suddenly I feel like a (way young) Demi Moore… and Monica can be a strapping Rob Lowe (before he started harassing the nannies, that is).

But I digress… ok, so for the first time in a gazillion years (or like, a month) Monica and I were able to take calls on Niteflirt together. Our schedules haven’t meshed lately, and when they have we’ve been all distracted and usually not alone, lol. It’s been the Spring Of The Threesome. Exciting, right? I know, lol. 🙂

Anyway, so last night we got to play with some new fellas on N.F., which was crazy hot. And just thinking about it has me a little geared up. But alas, I’m home alone. So howdy neighbor…. won’t you come and play with me? 😉


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