Faucets = Love (?!?!?!?)

So tonight I was watching the show Intervention on A&E and thanking Jesus that I have no addictions… drug… alcohol… hitting myself in the face with a hairbrush… you know, the usual…

Anywho, I digress… so I was watching tv and a commercial came on for Kohler faucets, in which all these hot dudes are proposing marriage to this really pretty girl and she finally says “yes” to this dumpy bald dude because he’s got a nice kitchen faucet.

Sooooooooo here’s my thoughts: Yes, it was a rad faucet… all foldy and cool, but short of it being crusted in diamonds and holding the keys to my new Jag in the garage… no kitchen feature would convince me to commit for life, or at least until I found a good attorney who could get around a prenup….


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Holy Shit, They’re BACK!!!!

Ok, so we took some time off of Niteflirt and it’s craziness to focus on other stuff. Which is rad, but now… wait for it… hold on to your panties…. WE’RE BACK!!!

And I’m a Tweeting maniac! Follow me here:

I just just JUST started it, so ~bare~ with me while I get going with it… but I promise, we’ll work it all out.

Licks & Kisses,

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Back From The Beach!


Bikini Photoshoot At The Hotel

Bikini Photoshoot At The Hotel



Ok, so Monica and I are back from our fabulous vacation. We got back Sunday and probably should have thought our schedule through a bit more, as classes started Monday, lol. But we made it to our first class, so.., ya know, that’s good. I admit to being pretty beat, but it’s possible that that has less to do with our schedule now, as it has to do with our vacation.

We definitely partied our little asses off (quite literally, lol, I came hope 3lbs lighter!). We pretty much drank & danced our way through Punta Cana. So that was rad… we paid for very little once we were there, because people just kept buying us stuff!

And the best part is there was no shortage of hot guys there. My favorite was the 2 guys who paid for us to get massages as long as they could watch. Lol, I think it made our masseuses feel a little weird, but fuck…. free massages? and they just wanted to watch? Hell yeah. And, ok…. we DID pay the guys back, but not with money. 😉

My favorite part about vacations is Vacation Rules. You get to do things that you never would do otherwise, and chalk it up to being on vaca. It’s awesome!

All in all, two weeks of never being out of bikinis, getting super tan, I got my picture taken with a MONKEY (lol, really! It was so fuzzy and cute… and kinda terrifying, lol). Definitely the best end to summer we’ve EVER had. 🙂

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An Ode to Monica’s Pussy

Oh little smooth kitty, how I love you

When freshly shaved, I say “Woo Hoo!!”

I stick in my tongue and it tastes just like candy

I think about 69ing and it makes me so RANDY.

Whilst busily licking it smells like flowers

and I think to myself that I could lick for hours.

But what I love most, way more then a bit

is making you cum when I suck on your clit.img69

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Vodka & Judy Garland… it just seems so RIGHT.

Ok, so I admit to being a pretty chronic party girl. I love love love clubs & house parties. There’s always some sort of good trouble to get into there and awesome people to meet. BUT…. every once in a while I need a night in all to myself. The kinda night where I can lay around with no make-up and a pony tail and eat my weight in Ben & Jerry’s (Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream…. yummmmmm).

Well good people, tonight is that night.

However along with my threesome of me, ben, & jerry…. I’ve decided to make it an all out orgy. Vodka & Judy Garland have been added to the mix. My love of over the top musicals is well known… but tonight hit a new high point (or low point, depending whether or not you were within ear shot). That’s right…. I’m writing to you after I brought down the house whilst accompanying Judy in her rendition of The Man That Got Away during “A Star Is Born”. Now…. when I say that I “brought down the house”… what that actually entails is me standing on a large ottoman in my living room in just a t-shirt & thong, singing into the remote control along with the DVD. This was done until one of my neighbors started pounding on a wall. I can only assume that that meant that she wanted me to turn up the volume. I obliged. 🙂

They’re gonna throw a freakin parade when we leave the building. lol


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My very own Star Scape.

OK, so in Baltimore we have this thing every year called StarScape. It’s great…. music & food & general awesomeness all night long… under the stars. Well I go every year, however this year for a bevy of reasons I was unable to attend.

Which is why last night I had my very own private one. The fella that I’m dating came over and after far too many vodka & cranberries, we decided to go outside for some fresh un-apartment air. So one of my biggest turn ons is having sex in places where it’s possible (not probable… just possible) to get caught. So we took a blanket out to the hill behind our apartment building and were laying down and started making out just a little.

Then somehow, a little kissing & groping turned into me bare ass nekkid riding his cock into a screaming orgasm. Now, this, mind you, is in Baltimore MD. So while there was no foot traffic or anything, we DID get yelled at a few times from random windows. However it was worth that, AND the mosquito bite on my butt.

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About last night…

See, I type the phrase “about last night” and suddenly I feel like a (way young) Demi Moore… and Monica can be a strapping Rob Lowe (before he started harassing the nannies, that is).

But I digress… ok, so for the first time in a gazillion years (or like, a month) Monica and I were able to take calls on Niteflirt together. Our schedules haven’t meshed lately, and when they have we’ve been all distracted and usually not alone, lol. It’s been the Spring Of The Threesome. Exciting, right? I know, lol. 🙂

Anyway, so last night we got to play with some new fellas on N.F., which was crazy hot. And just thinking about it has me a little geared up. But alas, I’m home alone. So howdy neighbor…. won’t you come and play with me? 😉

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Ok, so I did it.

I decided to join Twitter. This way even when I’m not on niteflirt, I can share whatever naughty little tidbits I want with you guys. So check me out on there…

My name is SinfulSorority


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Thank god class is over!

Yay! Everyone say it with me!!! Hooooray! Classes are over for the semester. Which means I’m WAY more available for calls, partying, and just general mayhem. Which we all know is my middle name.

So I blew through my finals with ease and grace… me being the smartypants that I am. And ended up the semester with a 3.8 GPA. It totally pisses me off that it’s not a 4.0, but I’ve still got next year. So fingers crossed I’ll graduate next year Suma. We’ll see.

Ok, so I was looking at toys online last night and saw this: http://www.adameve.com/sexy-extras/sex-furniture-props/sp-the-love-machine-4352.aspx

I want it. AND my birthday’s coming up. So run along and fetch it for me, boys!! 🙂

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So funny…. I heart the Slow Jerk.

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